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Transaction Calculator

This is a Sales & Stock Tracking System suitable for small and medium business. It is a currently available in three verions; desktop, web & mobile app.

  • It helps you to remotely monitor sales and purchases of the company in real time using Pcs / Smart phones /Tablets.
  • It simplifies sales records entry and retrieval. This is done through its user friendly interface.
  • It generates financial statements like profit and loss, balance sheet plus cash flows based on the data entered.
  • Generates receipts / invoices that can be printed by thermal, inkjet or mobile printers
  • The mobile version of this system can be used on smart phones.
  • The system can be used in both standalone and network based computing environments with our without internet.
  • The system is compatible with most popular operating systems
  • Only rightful users can access / add information stored /into in the system.
  • Can back up its database structure and data to removable devices or online for safety.
  • This system can be modified to smartly fit your requirements.